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ATTENTION FFL Transfer Customers:  

Please note that order is not delivered directly to us.  It is held at local location for us to Pick Up.  If you do not give us a heads up and/or tracking number for your shipment we do not know that it has been delivered in order for us to go pick it up.  You are not required to give us a heads up or share the tracking info but please understand that may add a delay in us being able to schedule your pickup/transfer appt.  

 Please be sure to read the Terms/Conditions section below as it may answer many of questions as well as address certain circumstances.  I ask for and appreciate your patience and understanding as I am a single being trying to cover it all on top of the daily grinds!

Book an Appointment Here.


Download a copy of our FFL here.  Please note that all firearms should be sent to our mailing address to ensure they're received in.

Our New Mailing Address:

Jones Custom Tactical, LLC

12750 Jefferson Davis Hwy #136

Chester, VA 23831

FFL Transfer Policy/Details

JCT Member Transfer Fee: $25

Non-Member Transfer Fee: $35, +$5 for each additional firearm.

Military/Veterans & First Responders: $25, and $5 for each additional.

*Please note, all prices throughout the website reflect a cash discount.  

When paying via Credit/Debit, the processor will add the additional "surcharge" automatically (unfortunately we have no control over this.

Please contact us when you are planning to use us for transfers, just to give us a heads up (Tracking Numbers are greatly appreciated!).  This way we can plan to receive your firearm(s), but not required.  We are a "by appointment only" style business, but very flexible to your schedule and will definitely find a time that works!  


-  For packages coming via FedEx Ground (typically long guns), tracking info tends to say "Customer Not Available/Business Closed" on initial day of delivery, how ever delivery was not attempted.  Especially from Late November to Late January with the increase of shipments.

-  Note, if two separate FFL Transfer orders come in, it is two separate FFL fees.  Ex, if you buy from one firearm from Seller A & one firearm from Seller B, there will be a Transfer fee for each ($30 + $30) for Non Members (discount may be given at our discretion).  If you Buy two items, from a single seller, then an additional Firearm fee applies, but not a second Transfer Fee ($30 + $5). 

-  When buying a from a third party dealer, any product issues, warranty issues, etc... are between the buyer (you), the Seller, and the Manufacturer.  We only facilitate the background check & transfer of the product and do not Warranty or Guarantee in any way.

-  If we receive a FFL item for you and you decide not to accept it and have it returned, the transfer fee will still apply.  Some may ask, "why do I still have to pay the transfer fee if I don't take it?"   The reason is because you are buying from a 3rd party, we still have to take the time to receive it, process it, meet with you, pack it back up, process it back to another dealer, and drive it personally to the nearest FedEx facility in order to return it.  This takes much more time & effort than just transferring it to the customer as planned, therefore we still charge the same fee.  We have had some become very upset with this in the past.

-  All FFL Transfers are by appointment only. Once an appointment is arranged, if you are unable to make it within a 30 minute window or do not show without notice, a fee of $10 will be applied at the time of transfer for each event. These are handled on a case by case basis at our discretion. We understand life, traffic, etc... happens. Just a courteous heads up is all we ask to avoid this, we're very lenient but nobody likes to be stood up.

-  We reserve the right to refuse transfer of any firearm if we feel that is necessary.   

-  It is most helpful if you contact us in any form to notify us of a transfer headed our way, but is not required.  Some online retailers do not supply us with any customer information (Name or Contact Info) so contacting us to ensure we can or have received your firearm is of most importance.  If we receive a firearm(s) and have had no contact what so ever after 30 days, the firearm(s) may become our inventory. Further clarification, We will surely contact the buyer on the day of receipt of the firearm(s) if we are provided the information necessary.   Though as stated, if we are not contacted in any form in regards to the firearm(s) or we are unable to contact the buyer in any way after 30 days from receiving the firearm(s), the firearm(s) may become our inventory.

-  If your your background check comes back DENIED, you are still responsible for the transfer fee as the covers the appointment and conducting the background check/paperwork as well as us sending it back to the seller.  If DENIED you must contact the seller to negotiate a return/refund.   If DENIED the gun can not and will not be sold to anybody else regardless.

-  If a firearm(s) come in for transfer to "John Smith" then only John Smith may pick it up.  We will not conduct a transfer for anybody other than who is named on the "Bill to Party" of the receipt/shipment.  "Don't Lie for the other guy."

- Transfer rates & pricing our subject change without notice, at our discretion.  Please note, other websites having rates/fee's listed may not reflect the actual or current Transfer fee's and rates.  The above Rates & Terms on this page is the only official statement of the cost for this service.  

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