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Some of Our Services

House Call Services


Do you have a large collection?  Remember, even if you don't fire them regularly, or go months to years in between use, it is always good to clean the from time to time.  Regular cleanings help prevent rusting and old oils from collecting dust and or solidifying.

If your collection needs a little TLC but is just to big or it's just to much trouble to bring by, we we can arrange a house call where we come to you!  As every collection is different in quantities and types, contact us for a quote!

Benefits with this service include,

  • Your firearms and relics, never leave your possession.
  • We come to you at your convenience.
  • Your collection remains maintained & preserved for the years to come.


The ATF, NRA, etc... All recommend you keep a personal record of your firearms.  This record is for you to have and not to be given/shared without your permission.  There are 2 main purposes of keeping a personal record... In the event of theft for legal reporting & loss due to disaster for Insurance purposes.  We can create an inventory record for you on all firearms with the basic info all they way to minor details of your collection.  Once created it will be in an easy format for you to continue updating with new additions/dispositions to your collection.  This would be turned over to you upon completion and we will not keep any records other than we performed the service for you.

Contact Us for a Quote!

Professional Scope Mounting

Remember this, if a shop offers free scope mounting, and they finish it in less than hour... you most likely didn't get a great deal and especially didn't get a professional mounting!  If you want the greatest accuracy at long & short range, your best bet is going the true professional route! We can also offer free profesional mounting when you buy from us on most scopes and rifles!

See the Before & After

Basic Cleanings

Don't let the name fool you!  Our Basic Cleaning is still more advance than your average cleaning.  Prices vary by firearm but range from $10-$20  (Rarely more than $15)

Full Service Cleaning

If you have shot your firearm a lot, this is the way to go!  Full cleaning includes, full breakdown, cleaning/wipe down of almost if not all parts (depending on firearm) and re-oiling with the best firearms oils and lubricants you can get, Lucas! Oils!


Have an antique firearm?  Do you want to know more about it?  It's history, it's value?  We got you covered!  Evaluations and Appraisings start at $20!!  Most evaluations/appraisals include a full typed report of your firearm, signed by our 'Smith and stamped with our seal!  

Private Party Transfers

The safest and most legal way to sell firearms, especially in today's world is still to go through a dealer, though not required.  This way the background checks are done and you the seller are protected!  (PS, a stolen firearms check can be ran as well to protect the buyer if requested.)

Reloading Press Rental/Use

Want to reload your own ammo but don't have the money to invest in all the equipment? We have you covered.  Equipment includes, Tumbler, Ultrasonic, case trimmers, Turret Press, Electronic Automated dispensing Scale, and all needed hand tools.  Contact us for details and rates!

Optional Warranty

We offer optional extended warranties on firearms bought from us!  If there's an issue with you firearm, we'll handle the manufacture's warranty headache for you!  If not covered or our of date of the manufactures warranty, our plans could keep you covered up tp 100%.


Repairs always vary depending on firearm but at least with us, its affordable!  A diagnosis is $25, but is waived if you use us for the repair!  No high markups on parts either!  Example of our parts mark up,   $2.99 = $3.00 & $10.00=$10.00!!

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Firearm Sales

BEST PRICES AROUND!!  If the pigs fly and we can't beat them, we'll do our best to match it!!  If you want to support local small business, buy with us!  Contact us for a price on any gun you are looking for!  Orders generally arrive in 2-3 business days from purchase!  All guns come with a FREE Professional Cleaning!



Due to being such a small business we keep a very small stock of ammo, in only the most popular cartridges/calibers.  Though we do have great deals on Bulk Ammo orders and can direct ship to you if desired!!

What our customers are saying

Brad not only cleaned up a WWI vintage rifle for me, and at a generously reasonable rate, but he also researched its origin and history as well. I highly recommend Brad as your go-to guy for all things tactical and not so tactical.

Joe S.  04/23/16  -Regarding WWI Firearm

Good guy, good communication, purchased Rifle from him, rifle in excellent condition, better than expected. Buy with confidence.

Lewis R.  01/31/2017