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Due to the COVID-19 Virus Epidemic, we are currently facing supply demands on all firearms and ammunition. Anything listed on our "Current Inventory" page is still available and first come first serve. All oth​er firearms and ammo will have to be back ordered. We are experiencing a much higher than average amount of calls, emails, & messages, as a "one man shop", I am getting back to people as soon as possible and appreciate your patience!


If you Purchased from a 3rd party Seller Online and are using us for an FFL Transfer, please be patient. Other sellers are taking longer than usual to ship out and transit times are taking longer than usual. Since the item was not bought from us, we have no control on how long it takes another company to do their side. Typically we only know if something is coming when you notify us. Once an item comes in we'll reach out for a pick up appointment.

NOTE: FedEx & UPS tend to say "Customer Unavailable/Business Closed" on their initial delivery day.  This is untrue, they are actually using that as a reason to skip the delivery when they have to many stops in a single route.

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The perfect way to buy the firearm or accessories they want!

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The perfect way to buy the firearm or accessories they want!

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