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Next Items:

- EAA Witeness .45 ACP

- 1891/28 Carcano Rifle

  • Drawing Date:  TBD
  • Remaining Tickets to Sell:  50
  • 2 Winners will be announced!  First for the EAA Witness and 2nd for the Carcano Rifle! (Winning the first does not disqualify you for the 2nd prize if you have 2 or more tickets)

We'll update the above information with the current status of the raffle daily M-F.  Once the "Remaining Tickets" qty hits 0, we'll set the drawing date for 2-3 business days later to allow everyone a chance to see when exactly the drawing will take place!  As stated in the flyer, the winners will immediately be called after the drawing!  If you are not the winner we unfortunately will not call you unless it's about your vehicles expired warranty!

Ps, The drawing itself:  All tickets will be folded up tightly and placed into a large 50 Cal Ammo Can.  Tickets will be stirred heavily, then can will be latched and shaken up real vigorously.  We will then open the can and reach in blindly, stir it up a little more and pull one ticket out.  We will be recording the drawing for proof and hope to post it below (website provider is a rather basic template, still trying to figure out how exactly!).  Winner's First name and Last initial will be shown as well for the congrats (as noted in the flyer).

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